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  • Yes, I picked about the simplest recipe in the world, right?  A couple of reasons. 

    1.  They taste AHHHHH-mazing!

    2.  They are beautiful!

    3.  I was doing a photo shoot and needed a quick and cute cookie!

    Tasting great was just a yummy little benefit for the photographer . . . ME!!…

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  • The 2015 TPS Blogging Team

    Good morning everyone, today I am so excited to announce our 2015 Blogging Team to you! We have an amazing group of ladies that will be bringing you posts on photography tips, organizing, recipes and more.

    Let me Introduce you to our 2015 team!

    I'm Holly Genc, wife and mom to three, living the urban life in Chicago's Wrigleyville area. I'm a Pocket Page scrapping enthusiast with lots to document in this busy life. I love a cute embellishment, bold title and fabulous bright photo. I've been scrapping since I can remember, starting with a 6th grade trip to Chicago, focusing on vacations until I started a family with my wonderful husband. …
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  • Taking Meaningful Photos

    Hello all!  Today, I wanted to share a couple of tips for taking meaningful photos of your family.  I'm hoping to make this part of a series for the next couple of months.  Last time, I talked about some tips for mastering light.  Let me start by saying I'm not a complete expert when it comes to lifestyle photos, but I've spent a lot of times photographing my children and family.  I'm sure you have too.  I know we all want to take beautiful photos, and it seems that some people are able to get beautiful shots while we feel like ours are just snapshots.  So here are some tips for you.

    *You are the expert at your routine:  That's right, you are an expert about your family.  You know the daily routines, what your children's interests are, and a thousand other things that make your family special.  The trick is to…

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  • Mix and Match Project Life

    I'm sharing a layout I just created from Easter Egg Hunting photographs this year. I used my stash for this one, so it's quite a mix. Do you like to mix product lines or use the same line throughout a layout? I do a bit of both, but this one is definitely a mix. 

    The "Live Simply Dream Big" card is a MAMBI embellished card. Have you seen these?? There are several different theme packs. The glitter gold pieces you see in several spots are also by MAMBI. They are their chipboard stickers. …

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  • Mobile Memory keeping: Creating white space

    Hi there everyone. I love extra white space between my photos and throughout my page on my monthly spreads. It gives the page such a clean look to them and really adds focus to the photos :) whilst there are lots of Digital templates for photoshop which can be used on the computer I like to do all of my project life on my iPhone 5 whilst I am out and about. Thankfully it is also possible to create them on your mobile device!. Today I am going to show you how to use apps to add white space to your mobile pages :)
    In this monthly spread I used the collect app and Pic Stitch to add extra white borders to the photos before adding them to the page in the project life app.
    Using the collect app to add white…
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  • It's a throw-back to Week 8!

    Today I want to show you how I took one big photo and spread it out over three pockets.

    I'll be working in PSE 10 for this tutorial.

    1. I was most worried about getting all of my daughter in one pocket so that's where I started. I clipped my photo to the bottom left pocket.

    2. Duplicate the photo > With the layer selected, right click and choose "Duplicate Layer" from the options.…

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  • Project Life: summer and stamps

    Hi everyone, Amy here. Today I want to share with you my first layout for the summer. Can you believe it's June already? For us in the UK it's time to drag out the BBQ, the lawn mower and make the most of the sunshine - who knows how long it will last! 

    The Sunday before last I threw my first BBQ of the year. Yes, it was a bank holiday weekend - and yes it rained. Of course. For those of you who aren't familiar with British weather, it rains every bank holiday weekend without fail. Bank holidays are cursed! Still, we made the best of it. …

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  • It seems I may have created a monster!  Zami, my soon to be 12 year old grandson is maybe a little bit "Star Struck"!  It's mostly my fault too!  I set up these cooking segments too cute!  I know, could there be such a thing??

    Now, mind you, anyone can make this soup . . . it's easy PEAsy, get it?  I was also in kind of a rush as Zami had to attend a class and I actually had to have this soup ready for dinner.  So this is not your average Martha Stewart photo shoot, this is real life, baby!…

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  • Catching up on Project Life!

    Today i wanted to share a project life spread i created recently. I do project life by month so it's alittle easier for me to catch up when i do fall behind. I created this spread using some of the items from my April Studio Calico kit, patterned paper and some free printables. I really wanted to use soft pastel colors mixed with some black and white and as well as some florals. Right now i am currently obsessed with florals, i just find them so pretty! The main focus in this spread is my boyfriends 25th birthday and a chick flick movie i went and saw with my friend. I went for a romantic feel and of course i had to add in some gold so i used a die cut gold foil heart i made and some gold threaded burlap to mat the movie poster. I really like the way it turned out!

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  • Toy Organization

    Toys. Toys. Toys. With 3 kids age 6 and under, we have a variety of toys in our house. And sometimes, they come with lots of parts. Currently, my three share a big room that has a small walk-in closet. When we first moved in, we fitted this closet with extra deep shelves (special order from Home Depot). I got rid of the hanging space, but fortunately I have plenty of that in my master bedroom closet to hang their nicer dress clothes. Almost all of their clothes are in dressers in their room.

    After installing shelves, here are my recommended steps for making a functioning toy closet:

    1. Purge as much as you can. Donate, sell, just get it out.

    2. Sort what you are keeping. 

    3. Evaluate size of containers you need for each item. I highly recommend The Container Store…

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  • tell your story - by the decade

    hi pocket pals, retrohipmama here!

    in case you missed the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, check out this quick video!


    you heard right! i'm hosting a new class this summer! better yet, it's online and self-paced so you can work on your story anytime you want! but we'll be together for 6 days and you can keep up or check in as we go. click here to register.



    we all have that big box of old photos from our childhood. you know, that box your mother handed to you which houses you ever received and every photo of you in front of your birthday cake. it's full of…

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  • May: Photo-A-Day Challenge

    Hello everyone! I am pretty excited to share my first Creative Team post. During the month of May, I participated in the #EmbracingBeauty Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge. I decided that this year I would actually scrap them and place them in my 2015 album. I mean that is why we take all the pictures we do, right? :)

    I used 12x12 pocket pages by We R Memory Keepers with 4x4 pockets. Everything used was from my stash, mostly Simple Stories Sn@p items. 

    Here is the challenge….

    Day 1-7….…

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  • Hi Pocket Source Members!

    My name is Leigh, and I would like to share with you my completed hybrid digital pocket pages.

    I created the two cards with a square photo (top left of each page) in Photoshop,

    but you can also use the free Pages app on a Mac.The rest of the cards were simply PDF files 

    that print out on two 81/2x11 sheets of card stock, from this kit.

    There are ten free digital stamps included in this kit, and two are seen here.

    The first digi stamp used is the set of triangles (they are highlighted with an arrow) below as you can see.

    I used the super easy to print PDF's that also come in this kit. They print out on with gray cutting lines

    (I used my home printer)…

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  • Scrapbooking Two Years at Once

    I got so far behind I decided to do 2014 and 2015 simultaneously. It was a goal I posted about back in February, here. I had visions of getting tons done and being caught up with both by the end of this year. Well, I'm not trending in that direction but I've revamped my plan to make it more doable. That said, I have been doing some simultaneous months. It is fun comparing pictures that are a year apart. Sheesh, kids grow too fast. They are not going in the same book, I'm just doing January layouts, for instance,  from 2014 at the same time as those January 2015 layouts. Here are two I just did.…

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  • Good morning everyone I love doing pocket scrapbooking on my iphone5. It's super quick, easy and I can literally do it anywhere!! 90% of the time I happily use the existing templates in Becky Higgins Project life app - after all the whole point is that it's super quick and easy! However the creative digital scrapbooker in me often wants more :) this post is about how I create pages beyond the original templates making some unique pages for my family's photo album.

    Using collages to create unique page design.

    Because the pocket scrapbooking system works largely on rectangles and squares it is really easy to adapt the design. My favourite go to app for collages is Pic Stitch. (There are many collage apps but you need to check they export at a reasonably high resolution for printing).
    Pic Stitch has lots of great collage templates or you can even create and save your own for future use. You can also edit photos, have square or rounded edges, add…

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  • Photography Tips: Mastering Light

    Hello Everyone!  I'm Mariah mom of three boys, and sometimes photographer.  I wanted to talk about some photography tips for you to use in order to improve your pictures.

    Let’s start today with the basic most fundamental thing in photography, light.  A photo is taken with an exposure of light.  Too much or too little will not give you a good exposure or photo.  You will always have a good photo if the light is right.  If you take a photo with too much light, it is going to blow out a lot of the color.  That means the colors will not be vivid, or the sky might not appear blue.  If your light is low, the photo will be dark.  If you are using a cellphone, your photo might appear grainy, especially if you use a flash.  When I take photos with my DSLR or my phone, I usually don’t use my flash.  I prefer the look of natural light far more than that of a flash.  So how do I do that?

    Everyone has a place in their…

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  • Stories of Me Group / Giveaway Winners

    Happy Friday! The 7 days of winners of the My Story kit have been announced on the blog in the "Stories of Me" Group and they are listed below. Are you a winner? Head on over to the Group and claim your kit!

    Day 1 Winner / Cindy Shepperd

    Day 2 Winner / Erika

    Day 3 Winner / Andrea Newkirk

    Day 4 Winner / Patti Mickle

    Day 5 Winner / Mandy…

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  • Hi, everyone! Kate here with my very first post for The Pocket Source! I'm so excited to be here.

    I've been scrapbooking for a long time, but I decided to go for the pocket-style scrapping & Project LIfe-ish stuff in January 2015. I'm learning a lot and I love getting inspiration from fellow pocket scrappers.

    When I did my first layouts for Week One I included the typical card that marks the week, but I also included a calendar with the week highlighted. Here's an example (week 16, left side):

    We're now into Week 20 and I'm really wishing I had only done the calendar. I do love it so much more than the week number being on every spread. I will definitely keep it consistent for the rest of the year, but I won't do both next year.

    So my question for…

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  • Group Blog Post and Forum Post Notifications

    Hello everyone, today I received a message from one of our members saying that they came over to the group today and had no idea that there were as many posts as there were and wanted to know if there was a way that they could be notified when there was a new post.

    When you come into the Group, click on the Blog tab (pictured below)

    Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you will see this message off to the right hand side and click on the Follow tab…

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  • Hi everyone! Amy here. Now if you're anything like me you probably have a fantastic system in place to help you plan and prepare for your weekly Project Life layouts - and never use it. At the end of the week, despite my best intentions, I always find myself looking desperately through my phone and camera for enough pictures to make up a layout. Sound familiar? Today I'm going to share with you a few ways I get around being short of photographs for my pocket scrapbook. 

    Ideally I would take pictures every day, and some weeks I do. During the busiest weeks, though, it's easy to forget to pick up your…

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